SWie with SW2021

Excel 2013 (VBA 7.0) is not supported by SW21 anymore, so to run macros like SWie you have to have Excel 2016 or 2019 (VBA 7.1).


New product – Hoofbook.fi

Just released a new product, it can be found here: www.hoofbook.fi

It’s a web based service to save information about horses and ridings. It’s important tool for stable/horse owners and people around them, like farriers and riders, vets and so on.


Want a WordPress-based website and maintain it mostly yourself? It’s quite easy inexpensive you know…just ask.

SWit 2020 and SWie 2020

New versions released.

SWit 2020: bug (copy to all configurations) fixed. Support for SW2021 added. Small changes to installation

SWie 2020: support for SW2020 added.


Something really different

Started to study horseshoeing in may. Quite something else than working with computers, but also really interesting and good for the body. Lets’s see, plan is that I will do horseshoeing beside other things in the future.

SWie 2019

SWie 2019 – like SWie 2018, but added option to choose what SW-version is used to handle models. Nice, when you have more than one SW installed to the same pc.