20 years with SOLIDWORKS

Pretty much 20 years ago I installed SolidWorks 98, and soon after I upgraded it to 98Plus. It was so exciting to upgrade such a large and great software for the first time! But I remember that there where no problems. NT4 was a stable OS for SW, still think that it was/is the best OS version MS ever created. Stable and no fancy graphics to slow down working 🙂

Now, with SOLIDWORKS 2018 (yes, SOLIDWORKS is written like that now), I wonder how little the end product has been changed. I mean 2D drawing of course. PDF/DXF, what ever, is still pretty much the same. Why? Well, the standard is excellent. But somehow I still would like to see faster development to get rid of the emailed pdf’s for example. And to get decent collaboration between designer, manufacturer etc…Something like MBD, some cloud service and stuff would be welcomed. Sure, they are there, they exist, but why companies are not using them yet?